Sunday, February 22, 2009

Lego Gallery From Our Birthday

Hi everyone! Yesterday was our birthday party. Yay! It was awesome! It was a Lego party. Our friends and us all built cool creations and put them in a gallery. Here they are:

It was very, very fun. Here was our cake:

Thanks to everyone who came to our party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS If you are wondering who the heck Trevor and John are, those are our names for our blog, to be safe on the internet. Can you guess who is who?

Thursday, December 4, 2008

John's California Trip Report

Day 1:

I was excited and happy to go on a plane. There were little TVs and I had a bag full of toys, so it was kind of fun, especially at the bumpy parts.

Our hotel by Disneyland had a water park right in it, called Pirate's Cove. There was this bell and when it rang a huge bucket of water dumped down. There was a ship and water blasters too. It may be the most fun water park I've ever been to.

Day 2, Disneyland:
My first day at Disneyland was awesome. There was a giant Christmas tree. The first ride I went on was Jungle Cruise. There were animatronic animals that you could see on both sides of the boat. There was a sign that said how many crocodiles there were. My favourite ride was the Indiana Jones one. It was amazing! There was even an animatronic Indy!
I got picked to be in the Jedi Academy Training show. I fought Darth Maul. It was awesome!

A lot of kind people tried to make it safe for us at Disneyland.

Day 3, Disneyland:
We went on a bunch of rides that Mom wanted to go on. Peter Pan's Flight was her favourite. I was kind of tired that morning, so we went back to the hotel for a rest.
At night we went to Disney again. It was awesome at night.

Day 4:
We played at Pirate's Cove for a long time. We went to La Jolla.

Day 5:
The first time I went to the ocean I thought it was peaceful. I liked the soft, warm sand. My brother and I dug a deep hole. We collected seashells.

Day 6:
We went to the Birch Aquarium. My favourite thing was watching the giant octopus.

Day 7, Sea World:
We touched bat rays! They felt soft. We touched sharks! They were Epaulette and white spotted and brown banded bamboo sharks. If you touched them one way they were soft and the other way they were rough. I fed dolphins and sea turtles. I also saw a walrus.

Day 8, Legoland:
It was awesome! They made a life size Lego car, an Indiana Jones and a Chewbacca. I loved the Bionicle room, the Bionicle ride and the bulk Lego store. I had the tastiest fries I've ever tasted at Castle Burger.

Day 9:
We went on a hike at Torrey Pines State Reserve.

We drove to LA, we met my mom's friend. She was nice.

Day 10:
It was long. I was tired. I wanted to go home.

Trevor's California Trip Report

Day 1:
I liked my first day of travelling. I noticed that planes go way faster than cars, but I didn't like all the waiting in the airports.
We had a great hotel room near Disney. It was a pretty clean place. I saw Tomorrowland from my balcony. there was a water park called Pirate's Cove at my hotel. When the gate opened it made a moaning sound and it was very, very fun.

Day 2, Disneyland:
Our first ride was Jungle Cruise. It was one of my favourites. We went on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, it was amazing! The Captain Jack looked so real, that I said "hi" to him, but he was only animatronic. We rushed around quickly and went on a lot of rides.
We met Chef Sean from Cafe Orleans, he made us a delicious lunch.
We went to the Jedi Training Academy show. We got picked! I fought Darth Vader. It was awesome!

The gift shops were so amazing, I didn't know what to spend my money on!

Day 3, Disneyland:
More rides, more Disney, another yummy lunch at Cafe Orleans, but I was getting kind of tired. We took a break and then went back at night. We met Mickey Mouse and we went to California Adventure park too.

Day 4:
We went to Pirate's Cove and relaxed. We packed up our stuff and went to La Jolla.

Day 5:
We went to the beach. The waves were big. We dug holes in the sand. We collected seashells. We ran in the surf.

Day 6:
We went to an aquarium. The giant octopus was beautiful. I loved it.

Day 7, Sea world:
At Sea world, we touched sharks! They were Epaulette and white spotted and brown banded bamboo sharks. Their skin was soft one way and rough another. We fed sea turtles lettuce! But my favourite part of the day was petting and feeding the bat rays. It was peaceful.

Day 8, Legoland:
My favourite! Awesome! Amazing! A lot of things were made out of Lego, like giant Bionicles and a triceratops. There was a room just for building Bionicles. Here are the ones John and I built.

The shops had so much Lego! I love Lego!

Day 9:
We went to LA and saw my mom's friend.

Day 10:
Long plane rides, boring airports and home again.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Farmers' Markets Rock

This morning we got up very early to go to the farmers market. It was fun. Everything looked so good! There were lots of vegetables, especially pumpkins and honey too. We got tonnes of stuff.

When we got home we ate fresh strawberries and helped make corn chowder. Delicious, yum!

Wii Lego Indiana Jones Review

This game is awesome!

Some things I like about it are all the different characters you get to be, the funny cut scenes and that you can pick up a character's weapon after you defeat them.

One flaw in the game is that the puzzles are kind of tricky and another is that sometimes you get stuck in places. I had a really tricky time getting into the mountains in the 2nd level.

I would give this game 19/20.

PS Belloq is my favourite character.

Monday, August 25, 2008


I got a betta fish too and his name is Fireball. He is very shiny and my favourite colour, red. I also got red gravel and a red lid to his tank. He is not just red, he's also silver and has a little bit of blue in his eyes. His plant has a suction cup on the bottom. He also came with betta fish food and water conditioner, to make his tank just right.

I feel happy about having my new betta fish.